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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Turn

1.My uncle once: Lent me the money to buy a car and charged me 1% interest. I'll never forget how grateful I was.

2.Never in my life: Did I imagine I'd be where I am doing what I'm doing. But I'm glad I'm here!

3.When I was five: I went to Disneyland. I don't remember much. And I've never been back.

4.I will never forget: My Dad.

5.I once met: Lincoln Brewster and sang with him on stage!

6.There’s this girl I know who: has the life I thought I always wanted. But I don't envy her at all anymore. In fact, I'm glad God spared me from it.

7.Once, at a bar: I drank a pop and sang Karaoke

8.By noon, I’m usually: getting lots of waves and smiles as the kids pile into the lunchroom.

9.Last night: was monday night.

10.If I only had: _____(fill in the blank) Is a line that people use way too much

11.Next time I go to church: I won't feel like I did last Sunday! Ask me about the herbs I took called "Happy Camper".

12.What worries me most: Losing Ryan... or my kids.

13.When I turn my head left, I see: a dirty kitchen counter with a bike helmet on it. Oh, and Daffodils

14.When I turn my head right, I see: Out my window and the trash waiting for tomorrows pickup.

15.You know I’m lying when: I try not too.

16.What I miss most about the eighties: My Youth!

17.If I was a character in Shakespeare, I’d be: unable to understand myself.

18.By this time next year: I will be thinner.

19.A better name for me would be: Smiley

20.I have a hard time understanding: why people take life so seriously.

21.If I ever go back to school, I’ll: be out of my mind!

22.You know I like you if: I give you the time of day. Right now it's 5:15. Hee Hee!

23.If I ever won an award, the first person I’d thank would be: God. Then Ryan.

24.Take my advice, never: get into debt! Save up and pay cash.

25.My ideal breakfast is: One that I don't have to make.

26.If you visit my hometown, I suggest: you let me know where it is. I've had too many.

27.Why won’t people: stop trying to look perfect?

28.If you spend the night at my house: then bring some popcorn because we'll watch a movie!

29.I’d stop my wedding for: the Rapture. So then God stopped it not me!

30.The world could do without: Sin (Nothing like a Sunday School answer, eh?)

31.I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: Actually eat one like my sister did!

32.My favorite blonde is: my future grand-daughter. Yep, I said it!

33.Paper clips are more useful than: a staple. You can take them out without ripping the paper.

34.If I do anything well, it’s: Sing

35.And by the way: I'm hungry!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I wanted you to see what Nathan's shoes looked like after an "innocent" bike ride to the park. "Sorry mom! The mud just sucked my shoes in!" Yeah, right! Anyway, I went to upload this picture when low and behold I find some pictures that David had taken on my camera. Not just one, but 6! So when he's home supposedly doing his homework.....he's not actually doing it. I'm sharing a few shots of what a 13 year old boy does with no one home and a camera. Enjoy!

I actually like this next one. Very artistic!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

All in a Days Work...

Ryan begged my to make homemade eggrolls tonight. They turned out so nice I thought I'd take a picture and share with everybody. See? I can cook!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Here's what's new at our house. I was loading pictures for the blog when this picture downloaded off of David's pictures. He thought it was funny. So did I. So, here it is for your enjoyment! He calls it "Nuns with Guns" Really?!

This is the contents of a bag of food we won at the Rosauers Grand Re-Opening event. David stepped on the right numbers on the floor and we won! WooHoo!

This is a picture of the massive amount of food we had at our house for the Super Bowl Party. This only shows 1 of 2 counter tops full of food. Even the computer printer has cookies on it! That's our friend Matt in the picture.

My new plants! One row of Walla Walla sweets on the far left and some Coleus plants for houseplants/outdoor borders.

The very large leaves are Cucumbers and the far back ones are Tomatoes.

More Cucumber's. Aren't they cute?!

Life at the Beach

Life at the Beach