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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well, it seems I've been tagged by Delena to do some resolutions. I don't make a list anymore. There's things I'd like to get done this year but they're not resolutions. For me it's like setting myself up to fail. I have enough depression issues as it is, I don't need more reasons.

But if you must know~

1. I'd like to finish some projects around the house. I'm not telling which ones, but I know if something gets done then all is well for #1.

2. I'd like to get rid of all the snow that is in my yard!

3. Have a garden and grow something I can eat. Heck I'd even take a flower at this point!

4. Not be sick so much this year. Oh, too late. I already have 1 strike against me. I'm currently battling a sore throat!

5. To have more dates with my husband. Seems like we never go out anymore.

6. Spend more quality time with the boys. Laughing is always high on my list. Not this list of course, but my life's list. You know what I mean!

7. Lead more worship when given the chance.

8. Take a vacation. Anywhere. Ok, not just anywhere. I'd really rather not go to the Arctic. Or sleep in a tent in the pouring rain. Or places with bugs. Eeks! You know, somewhere with sand and warmth. Somewhere expensive where people wait on you and bring you things with umbrellas in them. Yeah right, you can scratch this one off the list. It aint happenin'.

Well I guess that's it. Just a few wondering thoughts. If you had all day I could tell you more but I'm not gonna!~


Delena said...

Thanks for the list. I love them - especially the last one.

My Life List said...

Hi Andrea, Great Life List! Why don't you check out www.mylifelist.org to help you organize and share your list! Would love to see a few of your stories on the site!!

Bill Starr
CEO, My Life List

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